June 2017
Perfix, Inc.

“The EMK 3612 M2 is so fast and productive, it allows us to decrease our in-house inventory by 53% and respond quicker to our customers’ changing needs.” — Marc Tardif, President of Perfix, Inc.

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March 2015
Schmidt Laserworks

“With the FOM2 RI, we have secured new business while meeting the ever-changing demands of our current customers.” — Calvin Schmidt, President of Schmidt Laserworks

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February 2015
Integrated Metal Products

“AMADA’s ability to continuously innovate keeps us ahead of our competitors.” — Keith Billings, President of Integrated Metal Products

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May 2014
Groupe Côté Inox

“Leading-edge technology, combined with unmatched service and support are the reasons we chose AMADA.”— Stéphane Côté, General Manager of Groupe Côté Inox

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Precision Design and Manufacturing
April 2014
Precision Design & Manufacturing, Inc.

“AMADA’s automated solution enables us to run 8,000 parts lights-out over the weekend.” — Ehreth Horinek, President of Precision Design & Manufacturing, Inc.

April 2012
Cyrell AMP, Inc.

“Now, we can deliver up to 400 hits per minute and unlimited shape cutting while reducing our operating costs by nearly 50%.” — Gabriel Borduas, President of Cyrell AMP, Inc.

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Fax: (450) 378-0434
e-mail: parts@amada.ca
Tooling Order Desk:
Phone: (450) 378-0111
Toll Free: (800) 363-1220
Fax: (450) 378-0434
e-mail: tooling@amada.ca


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