Putting together the right finance package takes professionalism and individual service. This is the type of service you will receive at AMADA CAPITAL CORPORATION (ACC). Our programs offer a variety of innovative financing options to assist you in selecting a plan that best suits your needs.

When financing or leasing, the last thing you need is processing delays. With ACC, you deal directly with a decision maker which means most standard packages can be approved fast! AMADA CAPITAL makes obtaining the approval as easy as possible. Additionally, ACC will help you put together an innovative flexible plan that will ultimately provide your company with maximum benefits. When you combine this responsiveness with competitive pricing, it's a sure winner.

Fixed Rates:
Our fixed rate loans and leases mean no "rate hike" surprises. If you have ever been shocked to find your variable interest rate rising, then AMADA CAPITAL's fixed rate package is right for you. All AMADA CAPITAL's contracts are both competitive and fixed rate for the length of the loan. This translates into the security of knowing the exact amount of your monthly payment, today and for the life of the loan.

Finance your AMADA equipment and truly enjoy the AMADA advantage:

  • Tax deductible payments (Leases).
  • The ability to control expenses.
  • Preservation of your working capital.
  • A hedge against inflation

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