Punch/Laser Combination

EML 2515 AJ  Punch/Fiber Laser Combination

The EML 2515 AJ is the next evolution of AMADA's most popular punch and fiber laser combination machine. Pairing the multi-purpose turret with the unlimited shape cutting flexibility of a 3kW fiber laser gives fabricators the flexibility to innovate and work with their customers to create better part designs. The EML AJ also features many advanced automation options to meet virtually any production need.

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ACIES AJ Series Punch/Fiber Laser Combination

The ultimate in state-of-the-art punch/laser combination machines, ACIES AJ Series provides unmatched productivity and scratch-free processing of complex sheet metal parts. A 33 ton servo punching capacity and 3KW Fiber Laser offers fast cutting/punching speeds. This innovative series features a 300 station tool storage capacity with automatic tool and laser nozzle change capabilities for around-the-clock, unattended operation.

combo punch/fiber laservpss

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LC 2515 C1 AJ Punch/Fiber Laser Combination

The LC 2515 C1 AJ is engineered for high-speed productivity — combining the forces of a 22-ton turret punch press with the flexibility of a 3kW fiber laser. To maximize punching productivity in conjunction with laser cutting, the C1 AJ features a 44-station MPT (Multi-Purpose Turret). In addition to ensuring maximum speed, the highly efficient fiber laser uses approximately a third of the electricity when compared to a CO2 system.


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